SEC Guy Calls Lysol Poison Control

This was a seminal moment in the early development of SEC Guy.  Lance, who had just recently been released from his 610 non-compete, came into the production studio and said “Let’s just call someone, anyone and I’ll be SEC Guy.”  He looked on top of the rack in the studio and there was a bottle of Lysol he grabbed and found the phone number to call if you had ingested Lysol or sprayed it directly into your eyes.  In the room were Frank Bullington, John Harris, Raheel Ramzanali and Chance McClain.  The biggest moment  was when the lady on the other end asked for his name. Everyone in that studio looked at one another wondering what Lance would say or come up with . And not missing a beat, he came up with the persona behind the guy.  An credible moment of improv.

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