Greetings Traveller…

A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away, there was an independent Sports Radio station in a top ten market competing with three other stations all fighting for the same audience.  Three stations run by large corporations efforting to appeal to a city full of rabid sports fans by attempting to appear “local.” This little start up was the result of the major talent at those big stations wanting to break free, truly concentrate on the sports fans of their city while having complete creative freedom to do so.

The result was an assemblage of the best minds and talent who were all equally dedicated to this mission of serving and entertaining their community while giving a constant middle finger to the corporate piles of dung who had been dominating the airwaves.

Total punk rock.

This site exists as a monument to those courageous souls who knew there was a better way to broadcast.  All risking their comfortable existences to take a chance on something they could believe in and be truly proud of.

The risk paid off.  It worked.

Embracing the city and inviting all to participate proved to be what everyone had wanted all along. Listeners and talent building a community together that transcended mere terrestrial radio.  This became family.

As Production director, I was fortunate enough to be a part of it all and knew it was something special, so I saved things. Like a hoarder in heat I saved every scrap of audio I could and when the inevitable end of the run came, I took it all with me.  Now it has a place where it can be shared and stored forever.  A cemetery.

Why?  Is there truly an audience for Sports Radio content that is 15 years old?

Indeed.  It’s the family we all created and are still a part of, and you are welcome to join too.  The only requirements being ears that work and a mind open to alternate forms of sports entertainment.

Double Rods,


PS – None of this is possible with out the badassery of one of our family, Jeff Balke and his web skills.